Children of Enlightenment

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NOAH SMITH (director, still photographer)
Noah has been interested in Japan and Japanese culture since 2000, when he began studying Japanese during his undergraduate education at Stanford. He moved to Japan from 2003-2006 and worked as a technical editor and university research assistant, while honing his hobbies of short story writing, screenwriting, and photography. While in Japan, Noah became involved with the rock, fashion, and art scenes, and fell in love with Japan’s bohemian and countercultural scenes. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2006 to begin PhD work in economics at the University of Michigan, Noah contacted his lifelong friend Peter Chang about doing a documentary about the Japanese young people who had made such an impression on him.

Noah is also working on a feature film screenplay with Peter Chang, entitled American Otaku, a comic action film set in Tokyo; he is also developing a second Japan-related screenplay, Hakata Bay, a battle epic about the Mongol invasions of Japan. Noah hopes to complete his PhD in economics in early 2012.

PETER H. CHANG (producer, director, director of photography)
Peter is a director, producer, cinematographer, and photographer based in Berkeley, California. In 2006, Peter established Cinefugue, a production company that combines innovative uses of cutting-edge technology with themes related to humanity's future and the young generation. Peter's most notable projects to date include LIGHTSCAPES, an experiential television program on Discovery HD Theater which he directed, shot, and co-produced, and the feature film BLINK, which he executive-produced. In his collaborations with renowned photographer Noah Hawthorne, Peter has also pioneered award-winning "fusion films", an innovative concept that combines video, stills, and time-lapse photography. His work as a photographer has been featured in newspapers, magazines, movie posters, and online. He has photographed several notable subjects for ELDR magazine, including Kathy Griffin and her mother Maggie and was featured on the Emmy award-winning "Kathy Griffin Show" on BRAVO TV, as well as counter-cultural icon Wavy Gravy. Peter majored in English Literature at the University of California at Berkeley.

HOLLY LEMSTER (still photographer)


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